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Danfoss India

In Kripi’s transformative workshop for Danfoss, the focus was on crafting impactful narratives and messaging for leadership through storytelling. Exploring case studies and practical strategies, participants learned to maximize the ROI of their communication efforts. The session provided invaluable insights, empowering leaders at Danfoss to harness the true potential of storytelling for greater influence and organizational impact.

T- Hub Lab 32

Kripi led a dynamic workshop for Lab32, a 100-day Market Readiness Program (Cohort 12) in collaboration with

Hexagon. LAB32, known for refining startups from the Indian Subcontinent, benefits from Kripi’s expertise in

messaging and narrative crafting. The program, fine-tuned through 11 previous cohorts, accelerates startups toward Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and Market Ready status, optimizing Product-Market Fit (PMF) and Go-To-

Market (GTM) Strategy.


In the workshop, participants discussed the art of crafting compelling narratives, leveraging multimedia elements, & tailoring visual storytelling strategies specifically designed to boost brand recognition & engagement for MSMEs, SMEs, & startups

Institution’s Innovation Council Expert Session

In the Institution’s Innovation Council Expert Session workshop, attendees engaged in insightful  discussions about refining business value propositions & achieving market fit through innovative approaches & strategies, emphasizing the vital linkbetween education & real-world market dynamics.

Rubrix Program

In Kripi’s engaging RubriX workshop, entrepreneurs learned to weave compelling narratives for successful product

development. Amidst the challenge where only 1 in 7 ideas flourish, RubriX, T-Hub’s program, emerges as the hero. It propels software prototypes into MVP status, offering a story of structured growth, time efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. For founders seeking a plot of strategic success and risk mitigation, attending RubriX is the key chapter in their entrepreneurial journey.

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